Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Project...Done.

I have been waiting to do this since Christmas when we decided that the girls' room was getting too crowded. I planned for the week of Spring Break to include a massive overhaul of their bedroom to include painting and stacking the beds. I also redecorated a bit and am still working on the finishing touches, but the big stuff is complete. I added picture shelves from Ikea for each bed to store their special things, the books they are reading, their clocks and sleep masks. Things we were always looking for in the "old" room. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole room. We also added clip on reading lights and fans for each bed.

On Genna's bed, you can see this bar at the top of the bed. Brian drilled holes and installed that for me to put some home-sewn curtains on. It is a birthday present for Genna that I am hoping to give to her early if I an get it done soon.

Then in light of going vertical to give them more floor space, I got this bookshelf from Ikea. It was cheaper and faster than having my poor overworked husband building another one. It holds their chapter books, special dolls, and bins of doll clothes, craft supplies, and My Little Ponies. I hung up both of the Ikea stuffed animal holders, but they are overflowing. Another issue with the "old" room was that the girls didn't like the stuffed animal piles on their beds because it made it to hard to keep the beds nice. This is solution part 1. As you can see, it is too full and has already fallen down. So that is a project I am currently working on in the sewing room. I'll leave it as a surprise for later.

I hung up shelves that we already had in the previous room, but in a fresh configuration. Then the Doll house is here and doll stuff is in the animal print boxes on either side of the house.

I guess I didn't get a very good picture of this, but next to the bed is their mirror with an initial (H and G) hook on either side that is currently holding dress up clothes, but eventually will hold PJs or clothes for the day. A future project that I tasked said overworked husband is to make a mini coat rack type holder for dress up clothes. At the moment, the dress up clothes is in a trunk in Isaac's room.

Over by the window, we moved up a craft table from the basement school room because 1. we have too many desks down there, and 2. Hannah lost her crafting space when we stacked the beds (it was under her unusually high bed) and I was afraid the whole room might turn into Craft Central if I didn't carve a place for it specifically.

The only other thing left to do is hang the butterflies up from the ceiling in front of the window. The photos do not show the new color very well. It is a very light lavender with a bit of gray in it. In the last picture, you can kind of tell if you look where it meets the white closet door.

I owe my mom and dad for helping me paint, organize, and watch the kids and baby. Thanks a million!

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