Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bethany Beach, DE

We had our spring break this week while the grandparents were in town. We went with my uncle and cousins to Bethany Beach to stay at my uncle's friend's house. Here's a new beach picture like last year's, but with Drew in it this time.

The weather was beautiful the first two days. The water was freezing, of course, but the sand was plenty of entertainment for my crew.

Hannah and I did a little Ancient Egypt project in the sand. We built pyramids and a Sphinx too. Too bad we don't live on the beach! We could do so many lessons in the sand. I guess we would probably get a little distracted though.

This little guy's first beach experience started out like this...Mommy's thinking, "Maybe this Bumbo seat is more useful than I thought."

It didn't take long to morph into this...Drew's thinking, "Hmm, maybe I can get a fistful in my mouth."

Then it was crying because mommy wouldn't let him eat the sand. I even tried letting him, you know, learn the hard way, but babies are slow learners when it comes to this stuff. He just kept trying to shove more sand in his mouth. Instead of continuing the battle of wills, Drew got some lap time.

Hannah dug this hole all by herself. She was a digging machine!

Isaac also enjoyed digging!

I played around with the camera a bit.

Since Drewsy didn't mix well with the sand and he took lots of naps, Papa Boat was his beach buddy and took care of him in the house a lot for me.

The house was AMAZING! House feels like a complete misnomer. I mean truly a 6 bedroom three story mansion a stone's throw from the beach full of amenities that I wouldn't even think to desire including, eight bathrooms, an elevator, heated floors in the bathrooms, flat screen TVs everywhere(including in the bathrooms,) a nearly industrial kitchen. There were porches and balconies everywhere you turned. Brian, the kids, and I had the entire top floor to ourselves. Here are some pictures of the group (minus the photographer.) We are on the second story of the mansion in this picture and you can see in the background some of the other giant beach homes around.

We had a great time and the frugal side of me has to mention that one of the best parts was how cheap this trip was for us. Traveling with a growing family is very rarely cheap even when visiting family since they are all so far away. It was also relaxing. My uncle did all of the cooking and everyone helped out with the kids. Relaxing is another thing that traveling with a growing family is usually not, at least for the mom, but this time it was. The only thing that could have made this trip better is if my aunt could have been there too.


Jeff said...

What's wrong with dirt?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Spring breack!!! Love you all!!!!!

almudena said...

kelle, this sounds like a beautiful trip! i love the new family picture at the top of your blog. i miss you.