Saturday, March 3, 2012

Basketball Champs

Tonight was the last basketball game of the season. Hannah has made huge improvements since last year and even since the beginning of the season. She made a basket once and has had many assists. She is typically the point guard, brings the ball down, and, during this game, had no trouble throwing over people to get the ball to one of her teammates under the basket. This picture was taken while she was dribbling down the court right before passing to the guy on the far left of the picture (cut off halfway.) He shot the ball and made it. Excellent play!

The picture above is very telling of how Genna plays ball. I kept telling her that she needed to get closer to the basket, but she insisted that people would guard her there and she was "open" if she was behind Hannah. And she is "open" there, but who in their right mind would pass the ball in the opposite direction of the basket unless it was some special play. Maybe Genevieve is ahead of her time here and has some grand plan, but unfortunately it leads to her not getting the ball on the offensive side of the court. She is better at defense and stays right with the person with the ball (can't get her to guard just one person or one area) and she has her hands up and psychs them out pretty well. She cracks me up. I was trying to get some good pictures of them playing (rather unsuccessfully, I might add) when Genna d me with the camera and stopped to pose for a shot while the game was still going on. :) Her first time out of the game, she came over to get a drink and id, "I can't wait until the game is over so I can get my trophy!" I guess she is missing some of the fun.

The girls all were on the same soccer team too, which was fun.

So excited to get that trophy!

My pretty champions!

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