Wednesday, February 29, 2012


There is just no better way to describe Isaac. He is just a sweetheart. He is so thoughtful to all of his siblings. He makes Hannah special pictures and valentines. He is sure to give Genna her favorite purple plate and flower spoon whenever he is setting the table. Anytime I hand one of his stuffed animals to Drew while I am reading Isaac his bedtime story, he is quick to say that he can keep it as long as he wants and then give it back one day. He is constantly trying to impress his daddy. As for me, I get the best part...all the cuddles, kisses, and You're beautiful's a mom could ask for. Sweetheart.

Of course, he has his boyness too. He was playing Peter Pan with a little boy before Hannah's piano, and the moms started talking about boys and their affinities for weapons. I said, "Yeah, he loves guns, swords, and bow and arrows." Isaac stopped playing, comes over, taps me, and says, "Don't forget axes and spears, Mom." See what I mean. Quite the boy.

He is very curious about how things work as well. He had a doctor appointment for a chronic rash around his mouth. Don't know if you have noticed it in any of the pictures for the last few months. I originally thought it was dry skin and have tried every thick cream I could think of, but it was to no avail. He asked the doctor a hundred questions about the swab she was using to get a culture. Curious and a little smarty pants.

Don't forget funny. His facial expressions alone generate a lot of laughter. (Ironically, that's what his name means.) Remember his funny words. We have a few new ones. He says cabinets instead of magnets. When he counts in Spanish, he says saco instead of quatro. And he says tractor instead of chapter. Funny guy.

And boy, I love him.

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