Thursday, February 16, 2012

Funny words

My mom was really great at writing in our baby books, especially all the words we messed up consistently. I am in the middle of catching up on all the baby books, putting in pictures and writing in weights, etc. It got me thinking about the kids' funny words. I know I talk about Genna's funnies all the time, but the other two have a couple too.

Hannah still says "mow lawner" instead of "lawn mower." I am starting to wonder how long she will get this one backwards.

Both girls used to say "back and forest" instead of "back and forth."

One of my favorite mess ups of Isaac's is for porcupine, he says "pikeyporn." The whole family loves to hear him say "girl" because it either sounds like "gail" or "gor." He also says "Legogas" instead of "Legolas" from Lord of the Rings. Speaking of, here he is pretending to be Legolas. The paddle and ball is his bow and arrow and the chair is is horse, of course. He hasn't seen the movie, but he listens to dad read to the girls sometimes and the girls play Lord of the Rings all the time now and tell him what to do.

Such a boy!

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