Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacation Part Two: Great-grandma Best's House

On Tuesday we hit the road for about 4 hours to Valparaiso, Indiana to visit Brian's grandmother. Grandma Bess has acquired the nickname Great-grandma Best because the kids just thought that's what we were saying when we talked about her. We haven't seen her since we last drove down from New York when Genna was just about to turn one year old. Our family has grown a lot since then and Grandma Bess was delighted to have us visit. She is 98 years old and, you wouldn't know it the way she gets around and remembers things. She does have trouble hearing a bit, so the kids had trouble speaking loud enough for her to hear. She gave us the tour of her retirement home and introduced us to everyone. She is a popular lady over there! She even made us hot lunches both days we were there. She's pretty amazing!

Drew gave her a run for her money with his heavy, wiggly self, but she managed to hold on to him. This is a great photo of the two of them!

The onsite beautician gave the kids some balloon bracelets and little toys which was very sweet. She was in the middle of doing someone's hair and she ran out to meet the kids and give them these things. She even made a mo-hawk out of the lady's hair (who was getting her hair washed at the time) to get some giggles from the kids.

Poppy flew in to see his mom and his new grandson who he hadn't met yet.

We shared two hotel rooms and with the exception of Drew it was boys in one room and girls in another. Drewy actually had his own private room, AKA a big bathroom. Look how big he is compared to Genna.

The trip, as a whole, was great despite the car trouble Brian had both coming and going.

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