Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vacation Part One:Nanna's House

We have been on vacation this past week. We were making the rounds to see some of Brian's family. I flew with Drew and, brace yourself, Brian drove the other three kiddos for eight hours. He says this is no big deal, but many a mom and dad would disagree. They took me to the airport and went shopping and to dinner, then they went to the girls' basketball game. The next morning bright and early (5am) they left for Cincinnati, Ohio. They arrived just after noon. Of course, I gave him permission to do movies as much as he wanted. After they had breakfast, the endless movies began. I taught Hannah and Genna how to use the DVD players. (I know its kind of weird that they can't work electronic stuff,but we don't use them often and until now there has been no need to teach them.) I had the car ready and packed minus one last minute bag with a list of what needed to be thrown in last minute. Super Dad saves the day again! I definitely got the easy part of this deal. Flying with one baby is a piece of cake after all the flights I have made by myself with the three kids.

So in Ohio, we visited Brian's mom, AKA Nanna. Genna fell in love with her dog, Sadie, and has been asking for another dog at our house. Ummmm...No.

We went to the Dayton Chidren's Museum with some friends of Nanna and their kids. They had a great time there, but what I loved is how much they enjoyed the African room. No one was even in there and our friend was teasingly saying it must be the most unpopular exhibit. Since we have been studying ancient Africa so much this year we took a peak anyway and to their delight they had a mummy on exhibit! They have been begging me to take them to see a mummy, and I have just not been able to gear myself up for a trip to Baltimore with the four of them. So they got to see their mummy and some other artifacts from ancient Africa. We read every single thing written in that room. Love it when they enjoy learning! Of course, most of the museum was just fun stuff with a twist of learning in the mix.

Nanna's friends have a family nearly a mirror image of ours. Our four kids each had a playmate within 6 months of their ages. We became fast friends with the whole family. They took us to their Catholic Church for Mass on Sunday and hosted us for multiple dinners. Here are the kids all together, except for the babies who were alternating naps in the crib.

Just Girls

Just Boys

Nanna just moved into her house recently so Brian and I helped her a bit getting some things settled. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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The Pilots Wife said...

It's a crack up to see my kids on your blog! Two worlds collide. :)It was so much fun, can't wait to do it again.