Tuesday, February 7, 2012

21 Weeks

I have been having a hard time keeping up with my blog lately mostly because of this cute guy.

He's such a good baby, but since I had the bright idea to stop nursing him at night a month ago we've been having some bad nights. Not all nights and not super bad nights, but they are just frequent and hard enough to keep me perpetually exhausted. I really kind of regret it, but I don't want to go backwards when I really don't think he needs it. I have to say this is one of those times when I am at a loss as what is causing it and how to fix it. I know he isn't hungry because his days are always the same (nursing 6 times from 5:30/6am till 10pm)and he is not dying to eat when I get him in the morning. Occasionally he poops in the middle of the night still, but so far I have caught this because I know when he doesn't poop all afternoon/evening that it is possible. Those are the times I send Brian in for a diaper change. When Brian puts him back down, he usually doesn't cry at all and goes right to sleep. Otherwise, I am just letting him cry himself back to sleep without going in there which takes less than 10 minutes most of the time. (I do check him on our video monitor.) For this I am thankful, since on these bad nights he wakes up 2-4 times. Like I said, not horrible since the amount of time he is crying is short majority of the time, but it is frequent enough to totally disrupt my sleep. He'll sleep through the night for 4 or 5 nights and then wake up a lot for 2 or 3 nights.

I have also tried Tylenol at night in case the teeth are bothering him. I put tons of diaper cream on in case I miss the poop, but I have yet to do so. He is swaddled in the Miracle blanket still with a sleep positioner (seems to help keep the swaddle on since he can't move around) in a Moses basket that has been propped up. I also have a humidifier going in his room now. I would have thought it was the recent sickness causing his waking except for the fact that he slept through the night better the whole time he was sick. Now he is better with a little bit of a runny nose and an occasional cough, but it really is significantly better than when he was sleeping through the night. Time will tell. What I do know is that these things come and go and this too shall pass. He will eventually sleep through the night more consistently. In the middle of these phases it always seems like it will last forever, but it won't. Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.

Drew is screeching and squealing and grunting all the time. Noisy guy for our family. Remember I am not a fan of noise. Isaac and Genna were quieter, but I can't recall if Hannah ever did this noisy thing so young.

His favorite toys seem to be the ones he can hold the best and chew on. He loves to chew on blankets too. The excersaucer is the place of choice this past week. He doesn't last long in the Bumbo seat or the Jumperoo. Possibly because he drops his toys too much.

At bedtime, when I am reading him a story he has been playing with the pacifier, but as soon as he gets sleepy he drops it and turns his head away from the book. Since he was sick, I was rocking him to sleep a bit, but mostly this is because he has been so tired that he falls asleep very suddenly. One minute he is moving around and fussing the next he is out, usually before I finish praying with him. I do not think this will become a problem since he is not in a deep sleep when I lay him down and zip him up in his swaddle and he opens his eyes and looks around a minute, then quickly goes back to sleep. If he doesn't fall asleep during our short (~5-7 minute) routine then I still lay him down awake and he is happy to fall asleep on his own.

He found his feet a couple times this week, but isn't super fascinated by them yet.

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