Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daddy is famous!

The kids think their daddy is the greatest. I mean THE GREATEST EVER. They always talk about how wonderful daddy is, especially the girls. Isaac, of course, is always saying his dad can kill such and such monster and all that boy stuff. I give Brian a hard time about this. What? Daddy hung the moon sixteen times, and mommy is chopped liver? Secretly though, I love it. I love that they think he is the best because I do too. He has truly blossomed as a father and surpassed all my expectations. We are so blessed to have him.

So, the background for this story is Genna has a daddy doll from when he was gone for a year. It is basically a pillow with a picture of him on it. She is the only one who chose to get the doll. Hannah picked out a t-shirt for her Pooh Bear with a picture of herself and her daddy on it. Isaac was a baby and I picked out a lovey blanket for him with the two of them on it. The other day, they were all wanting a turn with it and we were trying to work out a sharing plan when Genna busts out with a question. "Daddy must be famous to have a doll made of him." After Brian and I cracked up laughing, I told her, "Yes Genna, everyone has a doll of your daddy because he is so famous." Why burst her bubble?

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almudena said...

it would be a little odd to see brian in a box at toys r us. i think i'd freak out a little. no offense :)