Thursday, March 22, 2012


The girls made these Red Sea dioramas. It was a history project from our Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt unit. How do you like the Army men for the Israelites? Genna's is the smaller one since she works slower than Hannah. You probably can't tell but there are rocks glued to the bottom. They enjoyed it and could do most of it themselves. Isaac worked on a sticker sheet while the girls did this project. This was a couple of weeks ago. The Story of the World Activity book has so many great project ideas, I am sad that we don't have the time to do more of them. I am hoping to make pita bread this week for the unit on the Phoenicians. Of course, I never got around to making the fig bread from the Ancient West Africa unit.

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Mary said...

Wow! What a fun idea! They did such a good job! So, you are using Story of the World for History/Social Studies? How do you like it?