Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wrapping up!

Isaac is drawing Darth Vader.
 The official school year is coming to a close.  We have only to take the California standardized test in the next few days and then we are taking a break for a week or more.  Then the more relaxed summer session will begin.  We will be doing some traveling and will be taking our work on the road to catch up in Math, Spelling, and History.  I only plan to do about 3 hours a week of school work.  I have teaching some sewing on the agenda, but that seems to be pushed out by priority a lot.  In addition to that, the girls both have summer reading lists, and I am trying to come up with projects for them to do for their books.  

Hannah's Summer Reading List:
Winnie-the -Pooh 
Mary Poppins
The Railway Children

Genevieve's Summer Reading List:
Charolette's Web
The Trumpet of the Swan

 We have been having school upstairs in the dining room the last few weeks.  Drew gets bored in the basement and I haven't had the time to make it fun for him yet.  
School time

The girls built this for History.  It is the Pharos lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
I had my home-school review yesterday and it went even better than last time, mainly that it was much quicker this time.  Last review was great, but took an hour.  This time I was in and out in 15 minutes.  She let me do the girls side by side which really helped with the time since they are doing so much of the same work.  She was very impressed with the girls reading level (You have to bring in a sample of what they are reading, so I always bring the latest book they've read.)  All is well, and it looks like I am free to go on with another year of home-schooling.

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