Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drew's 36 Week Update

He was playing nicely and I tried to sneak a picture.

When he saw what I was doing he stopped to give me a big smile for the camera.  This was how Hannah was when she was a baby.

First time for Drew to pull up all by himself!  Sorry, his face is a mess because he was in between dinner and a bath.
Drew is officially crawling on all fours all the time now, even on the hard floors.  As you can see in the picture he is pulling up on low things now.  He is pretty obedient, especially when you look back at how Isaac was at this age (i.e. into the dog water bowl and the computer cords 300 times a day.)  Drew will listen most of the time with a firm "No, Drew!" without me having to even go redirect him.  Huge blessing!  Things that I have to tell him "No" about are cords, floor vents, and the lowest level of wine bottles on our wine bar.  I am a firm believer in doing minimal baby-proofing, meaning we only baby proof things that are a real danger and not everything we don't want him to have.  So the things that we have baby-proofed are the standing lights and confining "too small" toys to tables and the girls' bedroom.  Isaac has only one bucket of small things that is kept up high in his room.  Also, we have a gate that blocks off the hall upstairs from the stairway.  As of now we are blocking off the girls' room with their toy chest that slides right in front of the door because they can get over it easier than a gate.

Saturday night as we walk in the door from my uncle's party at 11:30pm, a half asleep Drew throws up all over me.  Brian wiped us down so we could make it to the bathroom upstairs and get him cleaned up in a midnight bath.  I nursed him a very short time and put him to bed after rocking him for a little bit to make sure he was okay.  He was pretty awake from the bath, but he settled down and went to sleep quietly in his bed.  He threw up a little bit in his crib, but I guess it didn't even wake him up because I discovered it in the morning when I went to check on him.  Poor baby had a mini stomach bug that only really lasted 24 hours.  He is still not eating normally, but he wasn't really eating much all week compared to how much he usually eats anyway.  The only new food I recall is sweet potato "fries."  He's had sweet potatoes before, but not the actual baked "fries" that I make.

After some rough days at the end of last week, I decided to add the third nap back in to his schedule.  He fought it a couple of days, but then settled into it again.  I just think he wasn't able to handle the long stretch of wake time at the end of the day.

His bedtime routine improved a bit by having the room more lit during the story time portion.  I have the issue of not having anywhere to put a lamp for a story in his room, but the rocking chair is right next to the window.  So instead of using the light from the hallway which was minimal, I pull back his curtains for the story time and he is more willing to sit and listen to the book while sitting up in my lap.  I wasn't sure if this would cause him to take longer to settle in for a nap or not, but it didn't at all.  In fact, he settled quicker with less of the "wigglies" that he usually has while I pray with him.  He was more likely to be actually awake when I put him down which is preferable anyway, especially since he didn't even fuss when he drifted off to sleep on his own in his crib.

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