Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sing it!

I love memorization!  I always have.  Kids are great at it too.  I have been underwhelmed by the amount of memorization in the First Language Lessons and, therefore, I have been adding our own poetry, Bible verses, and other things to memorize.   When they have trouble learning a list of something, I looked for a song on the internet about it first.  (I found a song about coin values this way.)  If that failed I made up my own lyrics to an old tune.  (I made up songs about the 7 sacraments, the brain, and even the Phoenicians this way.)

Then I discovered Classically Catholic Memory.  It is a program that does all that for me.  The best part is that since we follow a basic 4 year rotational classical curriculum, it matches up with our studies exactly.  Next fall we have a new co-op that will be devoted to this memorization as well.  I am very excited about that because I finally found a group of Type A women (these women put me to shame!) who are using the same curriculum as myself and have similarly aged children.  There are 6 families and 20 children all under the age of 9, and 5 of them are infants right now.  It will be great!

Here are some videos of some of the memorization performed by Hannah.

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Mary said...

What a great idea! Love it! =)