Saturday, June 16, 2012

Road Trip Part 2: Northern Alabama

 Next stop on our road trip was northern Alabama to visit some friends from our years in New York.  Hannah was best buddies with Payton way back then and I was amazed at how well they still get along when we haven't seen them in 2 years.  They have always clicked well.  The girls were so young when we lived near them and they were the only two in our play group that actually played together.  That was the age where most kids play next to each other, but they actually played together and it was adorable.

Anyway, five kids later (between the two of us) we had a blast together just like old times.  We went to the mall where they had outdoor sprinklers to play in and Drew got his first taste of water squirting him in the face.  It was slippery so I followed him around a bit so he didn't do a facer on the cement.

This photo deserves an explanation.  The boys look like homeless guys with this cup in front of them, don't they?  They had been playing in the water with the cup and then got cold and were warming up in the sun.
We got some really good pizza and took a ride on the carousel.

We really ad a great time and the children were all so loving and sweet together.  It warmed my heart.

Drew is the only one missing here.

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