Monday, June 25, 2012

Rooad Trip Part 4: Grandparents in Texas

 Now starts the slower paced part of our Biggest Family Summer Vacation in Texas.  This week has been mostly hanging out at the pool.  Drew had his first swim and he loved it, of course.  We swam every chance we got. Genna ended up with an ear infection at the end of the week because of all the swimming.

This was moments after we put him in the pool for the first time.  He thinks it is relaxing, huh?

Notice Isaac just swimming around with his floaties.  He was practicing without the floaties this week too

Drew went for a quick  nude dip in the pool one afternoon. 

This picture of Genna is just too funny.  It reminds me of a picture in a book we have, Plaidypus Lost.
Other than swimming we visited with some friends and family.  There was quite the storm in the middle of our stay tin which we hid in the closet when we saw a tree in the pool.  No tornado as it turns out, but it was 65 mph winds, and it took the power out for a full 24 hours.  Sleeping with the power out proved difficult for the three big kids and myself.  Isaac was afraid of the dark. Genna was too hot.  Hannah had trouble falling asleep without the white noise of  the fan.  In my room there was some alarm that went off for two hours every minute for some reason at 3am.  I had trouble sleeping through that, but Brian and the baby slept through it all. 

Drew was a handful in their nice house.  He broke a crystal bowl before I had even made it downstairs in the morning of our first day.  He also had a run in with a bleach bottle.  Don't worry, I rinsed him off immediately and he was miraculously unscathed.  He was a much happier guy than he had been the previous week.  By the end of the week he had two teeth that he didn't have when we left our home 2 weeks before.  He is increasingly unhappy with baby food and prefers table food of all kinds.

Genevieve had a learning experience at the end of the visit.  While getting her ear drops, she was laying on the leather couch letting them sit.  I came back to do the other ear and my mouth dropped open and I was rendered speechless by what I saw.  She had drawn, with her fingernail, all over the couch cushion that she was facing.  A big heart, her name in giant print, and some more smaller hearts.  I called Brian over, and he and Jeff looked up how to fix it on the internet and cleaned it with olive oil.  Then came the big lesson.  She had to go to Poppy and Gigi to confess and ask for forgiveness.  It was heartbreaking how hard it was for her.  They were standing, waiting, and she was turned to me trying to pull it together and dry her tears so she could get it out.  She did the most heartfelt confessing and apology that I have ever witnessed in my life.  I had tears in my eyes.  She is such a beautiful soul.

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