Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road Trip Part 1: Tennessee

 We drove overnight for the first leg of the trip.  More on the car trip later.  Tennessee was our first stop on our long road trip.  My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and my nieces live there and have horses right in their backyard.  They were excellent hosts, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Sophie, my niece, is Genna's age, and the girls were like the three musketeers the whole time we were there.  Isaac was included in the girls' games some of the time, but he had his Uncle Rob's full attention when he was home.   

Auntie Cara shows the kids the barn for the first time and introduces them to the residents.

Drew meets his first horse. They got along quite well.

The girls and their cousin Sophie made a great trio.

We could barely keep this horse lover away from the horses.  She was in love and is now on a mission to find nuns that take care of horses so she can join them and live her life with Jesus and horses, her favorites.
Isaac wasn't afraid a bit since these were ponies and much more his size.  His Uncle Rob was thrilled to have a boy around the farm since he has three girls.

This pony is missing something.  Can you tell?  Perhaps, an eye?

Even Hannah, our most cautious child, got on and had a blast.

Sopihe was being a patient peanut letting her cousins ride her horses first.

Genna was learning the ropes and was as happy as can be.

A brave knight rescued a princess.
Brian got a turn too.  Doesn't he look like an adult on a carousel?

And even I got a turn on a very lazy, sweet horse.

Saying good-bye!

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Jeff said...

Looks like y'all are a bit too late: they sold the monastery and horses last May :/