Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day, by the way!

Happy Veteran's Day!
 My dad has been visiting us for a few days now.  He has played more card games than you can ever imagine.  He and Drew have been good buddies since he's been watching Drew for me so much while I take the kids around to their activities and do errands that would normally take me weeks to accomplish.
An intense card game before heading to Mass.

Can't get enough of this guy's suspenders, right?  I cut his hair this week and you would of thought I traded him in for a new brother for the girls.  They went nuts over how different he looked and argued over who's son he was that day.  Taking turns apparently would not do this time since his hair might grow out too much while he sleeps and not be as cute the next day.  This may make no sense, but my weirdo girls like to trade off which brother is their pretend son everyday. 

Drewy's boo boo on his forehead is healing well.  He likes to spin around until he gets too dizzy to stand up.  The other day this led to him hitting his head on the corner of the kitchen cabinets and split his head open a bit.  He is a tough guy, but he did cry for a few seconds about this one.  However, it wasn't even long enough for me to think it was bad.  I notice later that blood is coming out of his head.  It wasn't deep though.

 "Happy Veteran's Day!" upside down to  you too!

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