Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Curious George Teaches a Lesson

I have never been a big Curious George fan because he always gets in trouble and never has consequences because everything seems to coincidentally work out by the last couple of pages in the book.  Drew loves Curious George, of course, possibly for the very reason I don't.  Nonetheless, I am encouraging reading with him and this is what he likes.  We found some Curious George books at the library recently that I had not read before.  He had me read Curious George Goes to the Amusement Park about three times in the first two days home from the library along with many readings of Lovabye Dragon.

We had co-op at our house this past week and Drew was playing with a boy that was about 6-7 months younger than himself.  The little boy swatted at Drew, and Drew, being the impressive tattle-taler that he is, came to tell me.  "He hit me, Mom"  I told him that he is younger and still learning not to hit, that Drew should understand this problem since he still has trouble not hitting at times, and said, "I think you of all people can forgive him of that, right?"  Drew looks at me and in broken English said, "Like man on Curie George.  He say Forget about it."  Exactly!  He forgave George for giving the tickets away for free.  Initially I was super proud of Drew for making that connection, but on further thought I was REALLY impressed with Drew for getting something that I had never taken away from a Curious George book...mercy and forgiveness.  Those are not my strong suites since I am usually so fixated on rules, justice, and fairness.  My little Choleric/Sanguine son just may be merciful and forgive easily even though he may never be a stickler for rules and justice like his mom.

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