Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Still in Love with Superheroes

Notice the superhero  book.  He can point to an 'S' and say Superman, an 'A' and say Aquaman.  If only I could get him to learn the real names of the letters.

Aunt Kristen gave him this cool Batman poncho.  He is a Spiderman/Batman hybrid.

What's funny to me is that you can give this boy a bib, a spatula, and a pot lid and he is a superhero with a cape, a sword, and a shield.  He actually opts for these made up toys over the real ones very frequently.  It really makes me want to give all the toys away.  How much easier would it be to keep the house organized and neat without all these toys?

This superhero tooted in Mass, closed his book, and announced to the whole church, "I need go pooop."  Fun times.

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