Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

The weekend was kicked off with a morning off for me.  My cousins had planned a morning of mani-pedis, chocolates, and lunch.  Then I headed back home for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

I never get to be in pictures.  I spent most of my young life avoiding being in photographs because I was self-conscious, and now i just want to be in a few to prove one day that I really did exist.  I actually raised these beautiful children.  As for the self consciousness, I think having children has helped me see the beauty in everyone.
 Easter morning I tried desperately to have everybody in coordinating outfits, hair done, and all that for Mass at 9am.  Plus, we had to be early to get our regular pew, or a pew at all for that matter.  We still had to park at the grocery store and walk, but we got in our general area that we usually sit.  Drewy was good enough to not have to be removed from Mass the whole time.  I am hoping for a repeat for Genna's First Communion Mass.

I wanted a picture of them all standing, but alas, Judah is too heavy and too wiggly for even Hannah to hold standing up for more than a minute.  I couldn't even get the camera turned on  before she was hollering that she couldn't do it after all.  So even though we have coordinating outfits, you really can't tell in these pictures of the kids.

Of course, the sun ruined many of these pictures since it made Hannah cry.  I remember smiling in the sun until it felt like my eyes were going to bleed for my mom.  I don't think I complained.  Why can't my kids do the same for me?



Velcro tie + baby feet = adorable

Squeezable.  Love the hands in the pockets!  He does his jaw like his daddy always did before he had surgery.

Growing up too fast and handsome

The sun strikes again.

Bloopers!  I love it.  This is real.  Baby grabs hair right as we are taking pictures.

Guess I forgot I had sunglasses on...oops! 
Easter basket time.  The girls and Isaac got a St. Ignatius Press Vision book about a saint. Drew got the second set of the Catholic Treasure Box books.  He loves the "Wupsy" stories and it is hard to find stuff he likes that doesn't have superheroes in it.  They all got Chocolate bunnies too.  I threw in a little extra something for each of them, but i went light this year on the Easter baskets since the books weren't cheap.  I got them an egg dying kit and another book about many saints for them to all share.  Since Judah literally has no idea what is going on, his little gift is still in the mail.  His godparents got him some really cute stuff though!

Upon request by Hannah we did another  mini egg hunt with the eggs I was going to put in their basket.  The reason I chose to do this extra egg hunt is that in the past we have hidden a few larger plastic eggs with a piece of paper promising something special for the finder.  This was why Hannah wanted our own egg hunt.

 Hannah got a bike ride with Daddy.  Genevieve got a craft with Mommy.  Isaac got a date with Mommy.  Drew got a picnic with Daddy.  I made a rule that everyone could only get one of the big eggs.  Plus, I put two even bigger eggs with money in them.  Isaac found both of those.

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