Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Favorites

So, I am going to give this Five Favorites thing a try.  Since I have five beautiful kids and I love them, I should start there.

Pajama Day is Monday for our family.  this Monday got kinda chilly again, and so I ventured to start a fire to avoid turning on the heat again.  They all snuggled in after school work was done.

1.  Hannah
Hannah is one of my stubborn kids and she is picky to the ends of the earth, but this week she hugged her sister when she was sad (Huge for Hannah since she is really not a hugger!), chose to wear something she knew I wanted her to wear, and

Those glasses are supposedly sunglasses, but they are clear so she wears them inside.

2.  Genevieve
Genevieve is  my happy go lucky kid.  She makes us laugh constantly.  She is my movie quoter and my poetry memorizer (just for fun!).  This week it is all Olaf quotes and his "summer" song.  I've got to get it on video.  Super cute!  When she laughs, it reminds me of a bell tinkling.

3.  Isaac
Isaac is in a good place right now.  After a good long streak of disobedience, he is now trying hard to improve.  He wants to be a priest and a saint one day like St. John Bosco.  That is who he wants to be for All Saint's Day next year.  He has been praying on his own a ton and asking to go to daily Mass more often.  Hooray for seeking holiness, my love!

Someone gave us a bunch of suits.  Isaac insisted on wearing one to daily Mass and on Sunday Mass too.

4.  Drew
Drew is still quite the stinker, but he is extremely well loved by all.  He can say mean things to somebody's face and they say, "Oh, I just love Drew!  He has such a cute personality!"  I wrinkle my face and think to myself/say out loud, "You know he just said that he didn't ever want to come back to your house, right?"  Even though I wrinkle my face, I totally get it.  He suckers me too.  I have to restrain myself from stealing kisses as I carry him to the bathroom for a spanking or to his well-worn time-out chair.  I'd say 95% of the time I am not the slightest bit mad at him when I have to discipline him.

Drew hides in the pantry and eats Cheerios when I won't give him a snack.  Cracks me up, even though I know it shouldn't.

5.  Judah
Judah hasn't been the easiest baby, but he hasn't been that bad either.  He has been sleeping better since turning onto his tummy.  He wakes up happier and will play with his feet or pacifier before crying sometimes.  He started out really not liking food, but he is making great progress now.  He even ate all of his peas the other day after completely refusing them a few weeks before.  He is also happier when he is awake on the floor now that he can sit up.  His rash is improving.  His sweet big blue eyes and his soft, milky chub are the best ever!

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