Thursday, April 10, 2014

Judah and the Jets: 7.5 months old

Wow!  Judah really doesn't seem like he is almost 8 months to me.  He's still tipping over and bumping his head from time to time when left sitting.  He is eating only two small meals a day (plus nursing 5 times a day.)  He has babbled some words (mama, baba, and dada) accidentally, but really isn't repeating any enough to count as a first word.  I don't think he is close to crawling.  He's just pushing himself in a circle or backwards.  I keep reminding myself that it is good if he doesn't crawl for a while in terms of homeschooling at least.

The kids all sing "Benny and the Jets" to him.  Hannah and I joke that we are going to sing "Judah and the Jets" instead.  "Ju ju ju Judah and the Jets!"  Hannah and Genna have been vying for their friends to call him what they call him.  Genna calls him Benny like Brian and Hannah calls him Judah like the rest of us.  I remind them constantly that it isn't a competition and everyone can pick what to call him until he picks.  He's a Mama's Boy so I have the advantage though.  :)

Judah's favorite thing to do right now independently is empty a basket of stuff.  He loves to be tickled, sung to, and entertained by Isaac (especially.)  His favorite foods are avocado , banana, hummus, carrots, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce.  He is warming up to plain Cheerios and oatmeal (not the baby powdered kind, the flavored regular kind.)  He wears mostly 12-18 month clothes because of that fatso tummy.  He is moving up to a size 5 diaper because of his tummy and he is leaking out of the size 4's at night and during the day sometimes.  His rashes are improving with the laundry detergent change and the weather change.  He still scratches himself all over if he doesn't have clothes covering his whole body, especially his tummy, even when there is no rash.  He now has 3 lymph nodes that are activated in the back of his neck, but the doctors keep saying he is healthy and fine.  We just need to watch them.  At his last doctor visit he weighed over 20 lbs.  No teeth yet.  He is waving now.

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