Thursday, April 24, 2014

More on the Wildcard

Drew is very different from the rest of our family.  Hannah is stubborn, but not nearly as feisty as this guy.  Where did he come from?  I told the girls that he is a lot like Napoleon.  We were reading a story about Napoleon where he walked back into France after his exile to the island of Elba and told everyone he was the emperor again and so they better not shoot him.  They all put down their weapons and started a parade for him.  What?!  That's exactly what Drew does.  Describes him to a tee.

Drew is really into sliding and, much to my dismay, somersaulting off the couches.
Today Drew was in trouble all morning long and lost his privilege to watch a TV show before lunch.  He earns that privilege by having room time for 40 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the day.  But he had to have lunch and go take a nap instead since he was just past all other punishments.  Most days he is doing so much better, but he still has his days when things just don't go well.  He was very upset about not getting to watch Fraggle Rock.

I caught him telling yelling at some neighborhood kids the other day, "You 'member that?  I'm superhero!" as he stomped off.  He is a piece of work!

He goes up to Genna while she is working and eating dry Lucky Charms.  He says in about the sweetest voice, "Genna, can I have just one?"  He even held up one tiny finger.  He suckered her for sure.  She's an easy one too.  Later he finished her bowl when she left it unattended and no one was looking.  He fessed up though when accused.

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