Saturday, April 19, 2014

Field Trip: Restocking the Lake

 Genna, Isaac, and Drewy went with their dad one morning this week to restock the lake.  Hannah decided she'd rather not go.  She was funny because she came up to me three times before they left and said, "Are you sure Dad won't be upset with me if I don't go?"  I insisted that if she didn't want to go, it was fine.  I don't know why she was worrying.  She loves to please her dad, but at the same time she is not one for getting dirty or dealing with small animals of any kind.  She is the only one not excited about us getting chickens.  (This is in process, but may not happen.  There are details to be worked out still.)  Anyway, Judah, Hannah, and I had a quiet morning at home while the other three had fun.

Of course, the first thing I hear when they get home is how Genna made a new friend.  Surprise.  Surprise.

Genna said that her friend really liked fish!

Oh, my precious boys!

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