Thursday, May 1, 2014

Constant Rearranging

I just got our house rearranged.  The schoolroom has been moved to the old living room.  The living room was moved to where the formal sitting room was.  Toys and beds have been moved all around.  The boys have bunk beds now.  We have guest beds in the basement.  Now we are going to have to do a new kind of rearranging due to this new development...

Yep, he is crawl/scooting with a purpose now.  He doesn't have the full put one knee in front of the other over and over again yet, but it won't be long now.  He goes over to the kids' desks and pulls all of their books and papers out.  He pulls up on their desk to reach things we have moved higher.  This is pretty good timing though since we are very close to wrapping up school work.  One more month to go!  May is going to be a busy busy month.  It is First Communion season again.

More news for this cutie pants!  He got his first tooth!  This is exciting because I didn't even know it was coming until I felt it when he started chewing on my hand.  He has had some short naps, but that is it so far.

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