Friday, May 16, 2014

Judah: (not quite) 9 months

I am thrilled he takes a pacifier!  Mostly we only use it at nap time, but it's good to have!

Judah loves to bang toys together, play with things that are "new" to him, especially stuff that are not toys, and he loves to eat paper.  He squeals with delight when he is crawling, like it is the coolest thing he's ever done, and I guess it kind of is.  He really has the pincher-grasper thing mastered.  In fact, he can pick up things off the ground that I have trouble getting a hold of.  For example, in the past week, he has put in his mouth (tried to eat/gagged on) 2 different pieces of a wicker basket, a magnet that was supposed to be at the top of the fridge because it is too small for him, and the big kicker...a stink bug.  That one totally grossed me out!  I am sure he'll never live this down with so many little witnesses to tell him the story a billion times.  My sister ate a cricket when she was little, and that story is still told all over the world (and now all over the internet!).

He feeds himself Cheerios and Rice baby crackers.  Judah also likes to eat bananas and pears in the mesh feeder on his own.  As long as I don't have dairy in it, I have been giving him some table food from our dinner along with the babyfood that I have frozen.

Drew put a purse on him.  See it draped on him messenger style?

Loves those outlets and wires!  

Don't have a highchair?  Use a dishcloth and an old scarf to create your own.  I sewed a portable highchair, but it wasn't in the car when I needed it, so I pieced together a similar contraption out of what I could find at my Unlce's house.  

Here are his buddies, my godson and his godparents' son.

Super delicious baby

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