Friday, May 30, 2014

Pray for Judah

Yesterday Judah started coughing a bit, just a normal kid cough.  He didn't eat his solids as well.  I had a gut feeling he was getting sick.  By the evening he wouldn't let me put him down and he started to run a fever.  I wrapped him up on me and gave him some Tylenol.  When he went to bed, I noticed his cough was getting barkier and deeper.  Isaac and Drew had recently had very barky coughs with no other real symptoms.  I never worried about them.  However, I had a nagging feeling after I nursed him at 10:30pm that this was more serious than that.  I kept thinking croup.

At 5am, I awoke to Judah waking up and have crying, half coughing.  It sounded really bad, like wake up your husband for a second opinion and a calm down talk kind of bad.  He was also burning up.  I gave him more medicine for the fever, and then I nursed him.  Brian and I both felt he needed to be seen by a doctor today so I called the line and got a 2pm appointment.  Turns out I had the right instincts, but the wrong diagnosis.  His heart rate was 180 while he was laying his head down on my shoulder.  He had a chest x-ray (those hold the baby still for an x-ray contraptions are pure torture if you've never experienced that before) that confirmed the doctor's suspicions.  He has pneumonia.  I was sent home after 2.5 hours at the doctor with antibiotic and strict instructions to go to the ER immediately if his breathing gets any more labored or he refuses to nurse.  I'll be sleeping right next to that sweet baby's crib tonight to keep watch.

My heart just hurts so much for him.  He is miserable and sounds it every time he makes a noise.  My heart goes out to all the mothers who have chronically sick children.  It is so hard to watch them hurt.

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The Pilots Wife said...

Prays for a quick recovery with no complications. Mary, Health of the sick, pray for us!