Monday, May 19, 2014

Genevieve's Birthday Deal

As I mentioned before, Genna and I made a deal concerning her birthday.  No party, but I'd take her to the American Girl restaurant to eat lunch with two friends of her choice.  They had to be home schooled friends since it was during the week.  Who wants to brave that store on a Saturday?  Brian was able to take off a day of work and stay with the boys.  I even timed it so Judah could stay with him.  The girls had a blast!   We listened to Genna's new Frozen CD all the way there and all the way back.  I am still singing all the songs 24 hours a day, yes, even in my sleep.

They were super excited about the doll highchairs.

Funny moment:  The girls all had to go to the bathroom after pink lemonades at the same time.  I was left in charge of all the dolls...babysitting.  They came rushing back to get their dolls to go with them since apparently there are places to hang your dolls while you go potty and while you wash your hands.  So fun!

And feeding their dolls was fun!

My favorite was the conversation starters in a box on the table.

Each meal came with an appetizer.  Fancy fruit fondue for 3 girls.  Pretzel bites for one and spinach and artichoke dip for me.

Brownie Pops for dessert

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