Monday, May 12, 2014

8 Years Old

Genevieve turned eight last week.  Why, oh why, must these children keep on growing up?   Can't they just stay cute and adorable forever?  She is really growing up now.  I miss the days when she was so little, with her head of curls.  Go back in time and enjoy a video of my sweetheart when she was 2.5 years old.

So, Genevieve made a deal with me this year, in light of her First Communion being so close to her birthday,  she would forgo an official birthday party if I let her help make her own birthday cake and take her and Hannah to the American Girl restaurant.  Her Communion party is going to be a massive thing, and she happily agreed to this.  So there she is with her brownie cake.  She made it and decorated with with as little help as she could manage.  I dealt with the oven, drew the picture of Olaf (that she traced with icing on wax paper to transfer,) and I helped with the white stars since the icing was too hard for her to squeeze out with that tip.  She did a great job!

As usual, on her birthday she got to pick the restaurant to go to with the family.  She opened presents from our family and the ones that had been coming in the mail all week.  We got her Frozen, the movie, an earring holder and a pair of dangly earrings since, oh yes, it is the dangly earring birthday that she has been waiting for all year.  Eight is a big birthday around here because you get not one, but three privileges.  Out of a booster.  Can wear dangly earrings.  Can stay at home alone.  She is thoroughly enjoying each of these privileges since her birthday.  And we are off to the American Girl store tomorrow!

Side note about the movie Frozen.  We all (all 7 of us) watched the movie this weekend and there is the part when Ana is singing and she hops out a window onto some board attached to ropes.  Drew yells out, "That's dangerous, Mom! That's dangerous!"  Yes, Drew it is dangerous to jump or fall out a window.  I'm glad you learned that, even if it was the hard way.  :)

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