Friday, May 30, 2014

Judah's Talents: At Just Over 9 Months

(Update on Judah:  I wrote the rest of this post before he got sick.  He had a really rough night.  I had to hold him all night long.  He slept very fitfully.  At 11pm, I was thinking I was going to have to go to the emergency room any minute because his breathing was so labored and he was wheezing loudly.  I had my hand on his chest so I could see if it got any worse at all.  Suddenly at 11:30 his breathing quieted and he fell asleep mid cry.  He was sleeping hard enough for me to put him next to me in bed for 2 hours.  His fever broke and he was sweating.  When he awoke at 1:30am he was upset, but not as barky in his cry and cough.  The rest of the night he was restless, but seemed like his breathing was much better.  Brian took a shift with him at 4:30am so I could get a little sleep.  He still had no fever this morning and was even playing a little.  We felt the prayers.  Thank you!)

This boy has some crazy dexterity.  He can pick up the tiniest things.  The other day I caught him picking up a Nerd and transferring to his other hand while studying it.  Do you know how small those candies are?  He spots these things from across the room too.  He's got the eye of a tiger.  If you see him belly surfing down the hallway at an alarming pace, it very well means that there is something tiny that he spotted from far away and he is trying to beat me there.  I pull something out of his mouth most days at least once no matter how carefully I check the floor when putting him down.  He gets things out of corners and behind the fridge too.  I guess he is trying to get me to have a cleaner house.  I have to admit my house is no spotless palace since homeschooling and surviving has to take preference over deep cleaning.

He's pulling up a lot now.

Judah has been repeating some words (not every time.)  MamaDada, and All done.

Our bath tub is leaking water so Judah's been kitchen sinking it.

I had quite the helper while unloading the groceries.

One was unloading and shaking things till they opened, and the other was eating the opened food as fast at he could.

This week Drew has been talked into calling him Benny by Genna.  I keep telling them it isn't fair to do that.  Technically, I would have the most sway and I'm not abusing my power.  :)  Isaac waffles often, but Hannah and our friends are still on the Judah side

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