Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Science and Engineering Festival

One Friday Brian took off work to stay home with Drew while I took the other kids to the Science and Engineering Festival in D.C.  We went with another family and took the Metro.  Every time I take the Metro with the kids I regret it and swear I'll never do it again, but this time was actually great.  Drew is the hardest one to keep up with getting on and off the trains, and he wasn't there.  Plus, for some reason the trains were not packed coming home which is completely unlike anything I have ever experienced coming home around 4pm.  Anyway, point is that it wasn't so bad and was, in fact, much better than the driving would have been.

The festival was great, but we didn't get to most of the booths.  Each booth had an activity or something to play with for the kids.  Many had free stuff to give away.  We got some t-shirts, K'nex key chains, flattened NASA pennies, artwork that they created at several different booths, bacteria pins to wear, and edible bugs.  Yes, they actually had cinnamon and honey crickets and Cajun meal worms.  Genna and Isaac were brave enough to try them.

I dressed them bright so I could spot them easily.  Turns out a lot of people had that idea.  :)

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