Saturday, May 17, 2014

Genevieve's First Communion

Sneak peak at the dress.   She had to wear it for the May crowning last weekend.  I don't know why they won't move the First Communion up to before the May crowning so they don't have to wear the dress before the actual First Communion.
Today is Genevieve's First Communion.  I am scheduling this to post so I don't have any real pictures of the day yet.  Those will come soon though.  I made her quilt (part of why my blogging has been so sporadic) from her baby clothes just like I did for Hannah last year.  I chose a new design that I had never done before because it reminded me of Genna.  It is a pinwheel quilt with triangle blocks arranged like pinwheels.   Since I was using tiny clothes for most of this, so I opted to alternate between somewhat darker colored and mostly white triangles to form the pinwheels.  Whew!  It was a lot of work.  It is really hard to quilt with multiple types of fabric with all the differences in stretchiness.  The finished quilt covers the top of a twin bed, but doesn't hang over.  

Once I got it bound, I was afraid it was a bit busy, but Brian said, "That's okay.  Genna's busy."  He's my toughest critic, so I was happy for his stamp of approval.   I made kind of a color gradient when I did the layout.

The I heart NY was from a t-shirt of mine, but I included it because she was born in New York and she always talks about how much she loves NYC and wants to go back again some day.

To bind it I just folded over the backside fabric twice and hemmed it.  There's probably a fancy word for that, but I'm a novice and a little ghetto in my quilting.

The back is all one piece of fabric.  It is cream with little white flowers.

I embroidered her name, her baptism date and her 1st Communion date in different (random) triangles.
As usual, my top stitching leaves something to be desired especially since I do not have a walking foot or many of the cool quilting gadgets that would make it easier and prettier.  I hope she loves it!  I can't wait to see her face when we give it to her!

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