Monday, June 2, 2014

AHG Award Ceremony

Before the ceremony
 This year Hannah earned the following badges:  Aviation, Native American, Textile Arts, Sign Language, Book Adventurer, Cooking, Fishing, Music Performance, Sewing, and Golf.  Genevieve earned all of those except golf.  they both earned two service stars for their 10 hours of community service.  Plus, Hannah bridged to the next level and earned her Sacagawea level award, so she will be an Explorer next year (or I guess, is officially one now!)  Genna cries every time we talk about AHG because Hannah and a couple of their friends all bridged and she has another year.  She totally has good friends still in with her as a Tenderheart, but she has a hard time when Hannah has to be in a separate group than her.  They are in SO much together, same piano, same German school class, same golf even this year.  Hannah does basketball without Genna, but Genna doesn't do anything without Hannah.  It'll be a good experience for them.  She'll get over it...I hope!

Hanging out with their friends after the ceremony.  The leis have the badges pinned to them.

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