Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spider Monkey Judah

So Judah is pulling up on everything now and is much sturdier.  He doesn't fall very often anymore.  


He is doing the normal crawl sometimes, but his army crawl is so fast that it is his go-to crawl when he needs to move faster.  He looks like Spider-man crawling up the side of the building or something.

Bath tub is still leaking so kitchen bath pictures abound.

Mischievous, right?

Don't eat the apple, Snow White!

See!  It wasn't even a poisonous one, Mom.

Come to think of it, I do feel a little bit sleepy.

Judah is eating almost half real food now.  He still will eat most kinds of mushed or pureed food, so we do that some too.  Things he seems to enjoy especially are watermelon, bananas, pears, chicken, green beans, all beans, and even broccoli.  He LOVES hummus and seems to even recognize the container it comes in.  He eats a few Cheerios at eat meal while I am preparing his food, but he hasn't been enjoying oatmeal as much lately so I am taking a break from that to see if he likes it again in a week or so.  Much to my other children's dismay, I have been doing more soups lately because it is easy to pull out stuff for him to eat and everything is soft.  I do have to pull his part out before adding dairy though.  I tried again to see if he is still reacting to the dairy.  I pulled out the green beans and black beans from our left over soup that had milk added to it and just the tiny bit of sauce left on them caused his whole chin to be red and splotchy.

Putting that mean pincher grasper to work for the good this time.  Pick up watermelon to eat, not Nerds and stink bugs!

For the record this guys has been a really good sleeper since around 6 1/2 months.  He always goes to bed awake and without a fuss.  However, in the last three days he has been randomly crying when I put him to bed.  It's not long, and I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the fact that he know is pulling up and standing in his crib (pack-n-play.)  Also, some of this could be an after effect of him being sick and having a whole night of me holding him.  Initially, it didn't seem to effect him because he was just so exhausted and catching up on his sleep, but once he got caught up is when it seemed to hit.  Hope it's a short phase because I have been so thankful that he is sleeping better than that whole period between 4 and 6 months.  I am thinking he is also pretty ready to drop the evening cat nap.  The hardest two things about that will be that 1. that's when I cook dinner, and 2. that means we have to be home for his other two naps because there are no do overs in the evening if he gets a short nap on the go.  Normally, we are home, but somethings can't be avoided with the older kids in activities and such.

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