Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two year olds are just plain funny.

Drew, Drew, Drew.  He's a mess.  He's been my hardest toddler, but, boy, is he charming.  Just the other night Brian called to talk to all the kids.  While Drew was waiting for his turn, he says, "I not know where I'm am."
That's not a typo.  He really talks that way.
I told him he was silly because he is obviously sitting on the couch.  He corrects himself and asks what he was really meaning to ask the first time, "I not know where Daddy is."  Then he gets on the phone and says, "Are you at home, Dad?"  Then he says, "Are you in the phone?"  (Brian must have told him he was at work.  He takes the phone away from his ear, and looks at it all confused.  "How'd you get same phone at work dad?"

Later I tried to explain about the phone.  "Drew, did you think Daddy was in the phone?"
He said that he did.
"Then you probably think Mimi lives in the phone too, huh?"  I asked.
Yes, he did.
I explained about how phones work and everyone has a different phone, yada yada.  His response, "Oh."  (pause) "My band-aid is wader poof.  Hannah toed me dat."
Again, not a typo.  That's my boy.

He's been calling Judah, Babe.  Super cute.  And one of my favorites is when he says, "To the Batcave!" when heading to the bathroom or to his room.

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The Pilots Wife said...

You had me at "to the bat cave!" So precious!