Monday, June 9, 2014

Interview with Superman

This was supposed to be an impromptu interview with Drew, but ended up being an interview with Superman.  His personality is God's gift to us since he can be very exhausting at times.  What a gift it is!

A common punishment for the oldest three children is to have then "write sentences" which means that they copy either a rule they broke or, more often, a Bible verse (or verses) relating to the offense.  They all hate to write and they all need extra practice writing so it does double duty.  I also sometimes have them write loving letters to each other if they were involved in a quarrel.  Anyway, the other day Drew was trying to get Isaac to play something with him.  Isaac was reading (as usual) and didn't want to play right then.  Drew came up to me in the kitchen.  He whined, "Mooom, can you mate Isaat write sentencezzzzz."  He still makes all his k's sound like t's.  I thought that was pretty funny that he thought because Isaac wouldn't play with him, he should be punished.  What a stinker!

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