Monday, June 30, 2014

When You Are Sick of Big T-shirts

You make cute night shirts out of them!

My girls are perpetually in daddy's big comfy shirts.  Not just at bedtime, but all the time!  I'm sick of them.  Really.  Really.  Sick.  So I made them cuter without making them less comfy.  I just took the sleeves off and moved them up.  Then I trimmed the shirts down A-line style and sewed them back up.

I really wanted to add elastic to the sleeves and collar, but who knows what kind of effect that would have had on the comfort factor for my Princess and the Pea!  So I did a quick machine applique with fleece or minky fabric sewed on the inside of the shirt just in case they could feel the stitches.  Yes, they are that picky!  Mainly it is Hannah, but recently, in her quest to become like Hannah, Genna is doing it too.

So much better!

I also took some pajama pants of mine and refashioned them to fit the girls since I am tired of their rotating two pairs of pajama pants as well.  Hannah has been refusing to admit that the reason she is hot and asking for me to turn the A/C down is that she has been wearing fleece pants all summer.  I picked some super soft, but thinner, old pants of mine for her.  I didn't hem them because I wanted to make sure they fit and see what length they wanted, but I couldn't pry them off their bodies to finish hemming them, so I'll do it when they get washed.  If they will ever take them off to wash them, that is.  Apparently, the pants "feel like a cloud."

Hannah's not a hugger.  Can you tell?

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