Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Sewing Lesson

I hosted a sewing party for a few girls in American Heritage Girls to get their Explorer Sewing badge.  (Genna is not an Explorer, but she wanted to do it anyway.)   I was going to have 7 girls, but only 5 ended up making it.  I started off with showing the parts of the machine and they drew lines from the part names to the part on their diagram of a sewing machine.  Then I demonstrated how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, and thread the bobbin.  Each girl got a turn to do each of those once.  Then they each practiced on a piece of paper following some lines that bent and curved without thread.

For their requirements, they had to complete two simple projects.  The ones I chose were making a small simple doll from felt and a night shirt from a big t-shirt.  The girls are wearing their nightshirts in the pictures.  I chose those projects because I had a lot of girls to help and I knew there needed to be a lot of room for error.  Wavy lines were a common theme!

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