Friday, July 25, 2014


I've always got a million stories about Drew.  He is a hoot!

Hannah helped me make him this Robin mask.  He's been all about Robin and Batman lately.
Two of his new phrases we here from him a lot are, "Not aden," (translation for those not fluent in Drewese = not again) and "I in a bad mood, Mom."

A classic Drew moment was when he got his little red chair stuck on his waist.  I have no idea how he got it on there, because it was hard to get off.  I ended up going with the "squish the butt cheeks through" technique.  Of course, I got my phone to snap a picture before trying that technique.  He was not too happy about me stopping to take a picture of his humiliating experience and, therefore, would not look at the camera.

He said his very first heartfelt prayer this month.  I have always struggled to get him involved in our prayer time.  We read Tod's Day, God's Way before one nap and it describes prayer as "talking to God."  I tried wording it that way with Drew to see if that helped him understand and try to join in a little bit.  I asked him if he had something to tell God.  He said, "God, pease, fordive me for tidding Isaat downtairs."  (translation for those not fluent in Drewese = God, please, forgive me for kicking Isaac downstairs.)  I was super proud of him.  It's moments like these that make it seem like all is not lost.  And then the moment passes.  :)  It is rather fitting and quite ominous that his first real heart felt  prayer was asking for forgiveness.  I have been quite pleased with his increase in remorse lately.  He will come to me and apologize again hours after an event occurred.  Once he overheard me telling a story of something he did that ended in a big mess, and he interrupts me to say, "Mom, I so sorry I did dat."  It made me feel badly because I didn't think he was listening, nor was I telling on him.  I was just relating what I thought was a funny story to another mom.  I made sure he knew he had already been forgiven.

I love how fun boxes can be, but it always makes me wonder why we even have any toys at all!

On the topic of prayer, Drew is doing so much better saying more of the Hail Mary, Our Father and the Angel of God prayers.  You may recall this mistake on the Our Father recently.  Here's one for the Hail Mary.  Drew's version:  "Hail Marwy Full of Dace, the Lord of the Rings."  "The Lord of the Rings" kind of sounds like "The Lord is with thee," right?  I can see it.

And, yes, I still can't cut his hair!  He is just too beautiful right now!  His surfer look is wooing the hearts of many.  Although you can't tell in this picture, but it is even curling up at the ends.

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