Thursday, July 10, 2014

I got-for to mention one thing.

Well, if you are one of my few dedicated blog readers, you may have noticed that I have been doing a pitiful job lately of keeping up with it.  No, I have not turned into a once a month blogger, but still!  I used to post at least every other day.  Anyway, I blame it on blog lovin' which is a blog roll where I get a daily email with all my favorite bloggers' newest posts.  So hard to not read them!  All!  I also blame it on homeschooling, Drew, the other 4 kids, and having to do crazy things like cook every day and do laundry, take kids to all activities (Hello, swim practice!  4 days a week!)...  Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get the point.  I'll stop making excuses and get on with the post.

Anyway, I was remiss not to mention that last Monday, June 30th, I had a minor vein surgery on my left leg.  I went back and forth about whether or not to do it partly due to breastfeeding.  A friend encouraged me to go ahead with it, knowing that my chubby baby boy would not starve even if he refused the bottle for the 24 hours.  So I took the plunge and expressed my concerns about breastfeeding to my doctor at the pre-op appointment.  First he tells me to ask my OBGYN if it is okay for me to have anesthesia.  When they sent me back to him to find out exactly what kind of drug, he does a 180 and says, "Eeh, we'll just do local anesthesia and you'll be fine."  That made me a little nervous that he was so casual about changing the plan completely.  And you know, I'd be the one on the table without IV anesthesia during the whole process of stab oblation.  the word "stab" didn't make me feel any better.  I wasn't really nervous, but a little bit apprehensive due to the flippant nature of the doctor and that word "stab."  Turned out super fine!  The shots to deaden my leg were the worst part, around 7 bee stings, and then all I felt was weird tugging.  I listened to a book on CD with head phones and tried to pretend I was on a luxury vacation which I kind of was.  I did get to lay down and listen to my book with no interruptions.  We got to the hospital around 11:30am and I walked out at 3:45pm, I think.  I am banished from the pool for a full two weeks and have to wear the blasted hot compression hose I am so familiar with. But I think God that someone had the decency and mercy to invent toe-less compression hose!  I love flip flops!  My leg has about 15 incisions down the back and I look a little like Frankenstein, but I am older and wiser than I once was, and I just don't care as long as this takes away the pain.  Besides the bruising and scars will fade.
Drew and Judah in the Home Depot cart

Oh, and the reason I said "got-for" in the subject line of this post is that Drew got his words mixed up and said that in place of "forgot" the other day.  I remember that is one of the stories my mom always tells about my sister when she was little.

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