Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Wow!  I just realized I never posted this!  I am soooo behind!  Even my mom was complaining that I've been slacking, and she rarely checks my blog these days.  ;)  Our computer completely died again.  So I've been waiting on the new one, and now I have to  learn this new operating system.

We traveled south to Virginia to visit some friends for the Fourth of July.  It was a great weekend that ended in a tearful goodbye.
On our way to their neighborhood pool.  My godson is missing from this picture.

The dynamic duo were taking a snack break together.  Drew and his buddy are about 6 months apart and this trip is the first time they really played well together.  So well, in fact, that the tearful goodbye was mostly from these two.

Judah sat out with me a lot, but he went in for a little bit with Daddy.  I was still not allowed to swim due my vein procedure.

I had to sneak this photo from above where they couldn't see me or Judah would have wanted out.  This is my godson and Judah.  This was a good set up for them because if they can actually reach each other, they were squeezing and banging on each other.  Probably more my son squeezing and banging on him, to be completely honest.  Nobody calls him Gentle Judah around here.  He's rough.

They loved having their dinner together!

A friendly game of corn hole:  Team one

Team two

All the kids together

My buddy!  Until his new-found friendship with Drew, I was his favorite person.  He calls our family "the Mrs. Smiths."  I made him a paper plate Captain America shield, but I never did get around to getting a photo of him with it.

With my godson:  I made him that shirt before he was born.  

Another day at the pool

Cool dudes with juice boxes, right?
After Sunday Mass

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