Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This was my childrens' first experience ever with paintball.  It was for ages 5-9 and so everybody, but Drew and Judah could do it.  Well, not Daddy either! When Drew heard the kids talking about it, his first response was, "I want to do it!"  I told him I'd bring something special for him and he very enthusiastically, says, "Okay!  I do dat!"  I brought him a Ninja Turtle ball, cheese curls, and a bag of Swedish Fish.  He was happy with that.

Isaac's the second from the left.  Hannah is second from the right with Genna next to her.

It wasn't easy to talk these girls into wearing jeans in the summer either, but they forgot all about that when we got there and met up with our friends, starring the birthday boy.  They were much cleaner than I expected when they came back.  I sat with Drew and Judah in the shade and fed them non-stop while Brian was on spectator status for the hour of fun.  Judah was a champ, playing a game of "try to pick up the flies that keep landing on me and my stroller," and never even had to come out of the stroller.  Good thing because I can guarantee a paintball would have made it into his mouth.  They were everywhere.

The aftermath

I had actually never been to a paintball place before and was tickled by how many grown men get serious and entrenched in the paintball scene.  I nearly jumped out of my flip flops when I was buckling Judah into his stroller and a game started with all the loud gun shots.  I've never been one to handle sudden, loud noises well, right, Mom?

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