Saturday, November 1, 2014

Judah: Growing Up Fast

Judah seems to have made some big leaps in development this past week.  He's walking better, signing a little, and saying new words.  His understanding and ability to answer us is what has made the biggest impression though.  If we ask his where his belly or belly button is, he'll lift up his shirt or touch his tummy. He can also show me my nose, his head, hair, and his feet.  He can follow simple directions pretty well and is imitating our behavior a lot more.

Judah's new thing is putting small things down his shirt.  A couple mornings I have picked him up from his crib to find all of his pacifiers stuck way down in his footed jammies.

He gets comments on his big baby blue eyes all the time.

Judah's eating some homemade berry applesauce.

Here he is hugging a bear when I asked him to do so.

thank you

Can't get enough of this belly and these pictures of him in his birthday suit!
This is Drew's new camping chair, but Judah really loves it.

New Words:
hot dog

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