Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 All Saint's Costumes

Here are some pictures from our dress rehearsal of Saint costumes before our annual All Saint's Day party.

Saint Michael the Archangel

My St. Michael the Archangel

On Isaac's St. Michael the Archangel costume.  I bought the wings for $7 on Amazon Prime.  I made the sword one evening out of cardboard and duct tape.  I sewed a regular skirt with a wide elastic band for the waist out of the bottom half of an old extra large white t-shirt.  Then I got duct tape crazy.  I made the leather bands on the skirt by just taping starting on the inside of the elastic band and going past the edge of the skirt.  Then I folded it over leaving an overhang of non sticky gold duct tape.  For the tunic, I just took an old tank top of  mine and put the gold duct tape all the way around the collar.  I added two rectangles of the tape where the tape met funny in the front middle and the back middle.  Then I fashioned a sheath out of sticking duct tape together to hide sticky part or by folding the tape in half length-wise to made the skinnier shoulder strap.  I attached it with more duct tape at the to of the shoulder.  For the shoulder leather flaps, I did a long piece of duct tape folded over to make the overhang (bigger overhang than on the kilt,) repeated this three times on each shoulder, and then made slits in the overhanging pieces until I got to the fabric part.

Saint Philomena, patron saint of children.

My sweet Saint Philomena

Since she closed her eyes in every single dress rehearsal picture.  I included one from the party here too.
For Genna's St. Philomena's costume.  I really went quick and dirty, maybe a little too quick and dirty since in the end it was a little snug to get on over her shoulders.  However, I was thinking of making a tutorial for this when I get a chance.  I am just really behind on my blogging lately, and I knew I'd get even further behind if I tried right now.  I am saving it for a future post.

St. George, patron saint of the Boy Scouts

My Little Saint George

Photo bombed by a baby!

I found this cape later and switched it out.
For Drew's St. George costume, I already had the green undershirt with slitted sleeves and the gray tunic with the felt cross appliqued on from when Isaac was St. George.  I made the duct tape and cardboard sword at the same time as Isaac's.  We had the cape already.  I also made the kilt the same way as Isaac's with a green t-shirt, wide elastic, and gold duct tape.  I had to buy some more duct tape, but other than that it was free as well.  We couldn't find our knight shield and completely forgot about the helmet.  It wouldn't have mattered because come time for the party, he kept asking to take it off anyway.  He wore it maybe thirty minutes.  Glad it din't take long to make!

St. Agnes, patron saint of purity and chastity

Saint Agnes without her lamb
Speaking of not taking long to make, Hannah's St. Agnes costume takes the cake there!  As you may know she has an insane sensitivity to clothes of all kinds, so I am perpetually frustrated by trying to make her clothes and costumes that she will wear and not cry about.  This year she said she wanted to use one of her comfy dresses that she claims looks like a tunic.  I already had the shawl from Genna's St. Anne costume.  So the only thing I did for her costume was make the lamb for her to hold.

The type of lamb of which I based Judah's costume, black ears and legs.

He is wearing a black turtle neck onesie, a pair of black cotton pants, and a white onesie (that was Hannah's if you can believe it! 5 babies it's been through!)  on top.  I ordered a white tie Hanna Andersson hat that I can reuse for $14 on Amazon and safety pinned two cut out felt lambs ears onto the hat.  Perfect lamb, and he even kept it on the whole night of the party and trick-or-treating.  Pretty good deal, right?  I had trouble finding and lamb costumes for boys.  Most were very pink and had bows.  I found one, but it wasn't cheap so I just went with creativity and thriftiness much to the delight of my husband!  After ordering the hat, I found one at a thrift store for the same price as the hat, but it was too late.  I like hand-made costumes so much better anyway!

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