Friday, November 21, 2014

It's good to be king!

Judah is king around here now.  He gets pulled around on his luxurious chariot by any number of minions.  He loves it!  He doesn't even mind too much when one of the minions gets a little carried away in the moment and knocks him off on the floor for a little head bump action.  Although his royal highness does get a bit put out with the downpour of kisses the minute mommy announces nap time.

Judah is also trying to master the spoon.  It's a tricky business as you can see.

We found some dairy-free yogurt for him to try out.  Who knew that was even a thing?  He oscillated between trying the spoon and dipping his apple sticks in the yogurt.  Occasionally he tried dipping his whole fist in and sucking the yogurt off.

Then he got totally confused and started using the spoon backwards.

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