Friday, November 14, 2014

Can I be thankful early?

I know it's not time for Thanksgiving just yet, but today I am feeling really thankful.  Thankful for these little ones!

I love how Isaac is looking at Judah in this one.

When this guy gets tired, he sometimes will just lay his head right on the tile floor.  Kinda sad, huh?  I mean who is his mom anyway, and why doesn't she put him to bed?

I just found a couple more pictures of the never-ending tattoo on my phone.

Judah loves to climb in boxes, and our bench full of books is  no exception.

Raking has been the big fun outdoor activity in this wonderfully mild fall weather.  They love it!  The big kids all make big piles and call them their homes or something.  As you can see the tree isn't done with them yet!

I love this picture of this fat orange clad belly next to the pumpkin!

"Here's a profile belly shot for you, Mom!"

Genna's my tree climber!

Thank God for that face!  He's a stinker, but when all is said and done I could care less when I see that smile.

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