Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Adorable Little Pirate

On Thursday at daily Mass, I had Judah in the sling and Drew had walked on ahead to be in line behind Genna on our way up for Communion.   He was bumping into to her with his head (apparently for the fun of it) all the way down, but he was out of my reach and Genna was ignoring it. Well, I ended up right behind him in the line for the blood of Christ.  When it was Genna's turn to take the cup, Drew goes in for another bump.  I grabbed him just in time.

Later on, we had a talk about why it is a bad idea to bump people when they are receiving Holy Communion.  The next day, he brought it up again.  I can't remember what made him think of it, but he told me that we don't bump people in Mass.  I asked him why that was to see if he remembered my explanation.  He said, "Betause somebody might spill Jesus' boo boo on the floor."  Priceless!
Totally unrelated pictures!  This was a week or so ago.  He found these pirate tattoos and wanted the whole shebang on his face.  I let him, but, boy, I had to bust out the baby oil about 5 days later to get them off.  They were some good tattoos.

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