Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saint Decorations (and more)

Genna really wanted to decorate for All Saint's Day, so I came up with a couple of ideas.  I think these are semi original, as I searched for them online when I thought of them to make sure I wasn't reinventing the wheel again.  I semi original because the basic idea is a wreath and a triangle banner which are not original, but adding saint drawings to them makes them unique.

First, during our read aloud time in the morning, I had them get their tracing paper and saint books out and told them to trace any saints that they wanted.  Then I asked them to color them to make them show up better.  I should have made them use markers, but I'll remember next time we do an art project like this that markers stand out more from a distance.  I think it turned out nicely, much better than if I'd had them freehand the saints.  Isaac and Genna would have been unhappy with that project.  Tracing was the way to go.

For the wreath, I spent some evenings while watching show with Brian drawing each of the children's name saints.  I used clothespins to clip them to a wreath.  It was simple and eye catching for all the trick-or-treaters.

After our All Saint's party, we went around the neighborhood with some neighbor friends of our and trick-or-treated a bit.  I have a couple of pictures from that part of the evening.

t. Agnes, St. Michael the Archangel, Arwen from Lord of the Rings, and Wolverine

On All Saint's Day, Drew and I took the big kids to German school and then we hit up Kmart to check out the discounted costumes.  We scored a cool Captain America costume for Drew and another costume for a birthday present for his friend.

Judah even got in on the action!

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