Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Sports Come to an End

So this really happened a week or more ago at this point, but I'm behind as we all know.  All the kids' sports for the fall closed out.  Isaac's t-ball finished up.  Here is his team picture.

When handing out trophies, the coach made a point of saying how much Isaac has improved this season.

We had a pizza party in the freezing wind after the trophies were handed out.

Isaac's the tallest one in the back.  The girls in the back that is almost his size didn't come to a lot of the games, and that's why I thought he was by far the tallest one.

Drew's soccer ended as well.  He got a medal that he was not nearly as excited about as Isaac had been when he was in this soccer class once upon a time.  Drew made some improvements over the season, mainly not picking the ball up with his hands.  :)

Team picture

The girls finished up golf and I have no pictures of that.  They did not have an awards ceremony, but they were given a free (used) starter golf bag and clubs.  They are thrilled!  That First Tee program is really amazing.  They love it!

Now I have had a short reprieve from sports, mostly, until winter sports start up.  Genna already started gymnastics with some friend in the neighborhood.  Yay for carpool!  Hannah starts basketball practice this weekend.  The boys both opted for an indoor soccer clinic that worked out nicely where it is at the same time and place.  Yay for killing two metaphorical birds with one stone!

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