Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Slew of Drew on Ash Wednesday

Drew is actually learning things!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  He is doing preschool workbooks where you circle same or different or you match things that belong.  He loves to do them.  Plus, he is really trying to learn his letters and numbers now.  He knows A,B,C,D,I, J, K, L, O R, S,W, X, Z in capitols, and he knows many of their sounds.  He is very tactile and likes to trace the letters with his fingers while he is thinking which letter it is.  His second speech evaluation went well and we are waiting on the results of his test and the recommendations of the county for that.

So I've been feeling bad about something.  I've said many times (not to him, obviously) that Drew is not a "sweet" boy.  It's not one of the first words I would have used to describe him, but that's not fair to label him that way.  I have caught myself lately saying, "You're so sweet," to him a lot.  I think he is actually learning to be sweet.  He is so sweet with his younger brother, telling him, "I forgive you," the moment Judah hits him before I can even get him to apologize.  (Yes, Judah hits now.  The fun's over, but he doesn't bite.  Yay!)

Hannah was blowing bubbles in the hallway for the boys.  They loved it!

Drew was having a hard time waking up from his nap and got mad when Judah came and wedged himself in between us.

These two have been starting to play together more.  That will be so helpful during homeschooling to have them have a playmate.

Today he asked me, "What's the dospel?"  (translation= gospel) after he received his ashes.  He is very curious and always asking about what things are.

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